Declarer Play - Download & Demo

The downloaded program offers to start as demo version (3 of the 130 hands), or as full version.
For the full version you need the 16-character product key (of the pattern CAXX-PPPP-PPPP-PPPP)
on the first page of the installation instruction or which you have received by email.

Installation Declarer Play on all Windows versions (about 88 MB):
1) You execute the link, either directly or by saving the file.
2) The downloaded program "declarer-play(.exe)" suggests to extract the contained files
to a folder "c:\games\qbtrain.bdp" ; you start this by clicking on the "unzip" button.
3) At the end of the extraction, an installation program starts.
It creates an icon at the desktop and entries in the Windows Start menu,
you may start the program using one of that.

Installation Declarer Play (a) on Mac OSX 10.8 - 10.13 (about 95 MB)
     (b) on Mac OS 10.14, 10.15, 11.X, 12.X, 13.X (about 90 MB)
1) You start the download by clicking on the link.
2) In the Download folder you see the downloaded file "Declarer-Play(.pkg)" or "B-Declarer-Play(.pkg)"
When the download is finished, you execute the file by double clicking it.
3) The Mac standard installation runs, which you proceed by clicking on Ok or Continue.
The installation results in a new program (application)
and in a new icon in the Launchpad, Declarer-Play.
- If an older version of the program already was installed, please delete it
before the new installation by dragging it from the folder "Applications" to the trash.
- If during the installation a password is asked for, it is that of the Mac user.
The product key is needed only after the bridge program has started.
- The Mac standard programs often use up the first page of the Launchpad,
so you will find "Declarer-Play" on the second page.
- The new version (b) corresponds functionally to the browser version, but uses local files,
i.e. with the installation done, it does not need an internet connection.

Declarer Play as browser program:
Please refer to the browser version for the iPad.

Declarer Play on Android tablets: Click here for the installation instructions

Information about Windows 7, 8, 10

This information is not relevant for the version years 2013 and 2016.

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