The interactive bridge tutorial programs by Bernard Magee:

Begin Bridge
Rules of Bridge (and of MiniBridge)
and the basics of both playing and bidding.
Acol Bidding
Basic to intermediate bidding,
based on four-card majors and a weak notrump.
Advanced Acol Bidding
(formerly: More Acol Bidding)
Intermediate to advanced bidding
Five-Card Majors
Basic to intermediate bidding,
based on five-card majors and a strong notrump.
Declarer Play
Basic to intermediate declarer play techniques.
Advanced Declarer Play
Intermediate to advanced declarer play techniques.
Basic to intermediate defence.
Better Bridge
Covering topics of Bernard's seminars.

The essential concept of all programs is that you as user play the deals and get comments,
either immediately after your action and/or at the end of the bidding and/or at the end of the play.

March 2021: New downloads for Android 11
July 2021: Browser version of Begin Bridge

The programs are available at Bernard Magee Bridge
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Tel: +44 (0)1344 205 120
e-mail: info@bernardmageebridge.com
www: (general) www.bernardmageebridge.com
      (order page) www.bernardmageebridge.com/shop

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