Advanced Acol Bidding with Bernard Magee

Please go to the download page for the demo version and the updates.

General Description

The handling and features of this program is similar to Acol Bidding,
but the 200 deals of Advanced Acol Bidding are all "new" deals,
and there are two more important differences.

Contents of Advanced Acol Bidding

Each topic with 20 deals: The bidding system is Benjaminised Acol, which is the first difference.

The Play

After the play the correct line of play is explained and demonstrated.
This is the second (and main) main difference.

System Requirements

You need a PC with the operating system Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10 and a CD drive.
A sound card is necessary for spoken explanations.

Demo Versions and Updates

are available from the download page.

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