There are so many sites related to bridge on the web that you would need days just to visit each site once, and weeks to read them more in detail. So we can give only a short list here, as possible next steps.


World Bridge Federation
American Contract Bridge League
Australian Bridge Federation
Austrian Bridge Federation
English Bridge Union
Fédération Française de Bridge
Federazione Italiana Gioco Bridge
German Bridge Federation
Nederlandse Bridge Bond

Magazines & Books

Bridge Magazine (UK)
Bridge Plus (UK)
Bridge Today (US)
The Bridge World (US)

Online Bridge

The following providers are most popular:

OKBridge - the oldest online bridge service.
Swan Games - from Sweden (but in English), lucid.
Bridge Base Online - a free site.


Great Bridge Links - a site dedicated to bridge links
PBN - a specification for a public bridge notation (file format)

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