Dealing and Comparison

When you play bridge, you usually play a couple of deals,
and these can be scored in different ways. With computer bridge,
there is the additional question of where the deals come from.

Pairs Tournament Mode

In this mode you are playing hands that have already been played
in a Pairs Tournament. So, having played a hand, your score will be
compared with the results previously recorded and thus you can get
an immediate match-point score.

The programs conatins about 4500 pair tournament deals.

Comparison against the Computer at South

You are playing random deals and compare your result against 4 computer players.
With Windows, this can be done in the concurrent Closed Room;
with Android, after your own play.

Comparison against a second player at South

You play a match with a number of deals as South and compare the results
with a player playing the same deals. With Windows, the second player can play
at a different PC, as the result tables can be exchanged via the Q-plus server.

Team Tournament Mode

You, as North-South at your table, form a team with East-West at the second table
and play against East-West at your table and North-South at the second table.

The programs conatins about 4500 team tournament deals.

Further dealing functions

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