Making an Icon

When the bridge program runs directly in the browser you can make
an icon for it in the same way as for any web site, which is done as follows:


After you have opened the web site with Safari,
tap on the share menu and select Add to Home screen
(which is rather at the bottom of the options,
so you need to scroll down a bit).


After you have opened the web site with Chrome,
tap on the three-dot menu at the top and select Add to Home screen.

Windows and Mac

On Windows- and Mac-PCs the simplest approach is that you make the icon
by dragging the link of the bridge program from the web site where you start it
to the screen.

(Dragging means that you click on the link, then - with the mouse button still down -
you move the mouse to an empty space on the screen, then release the mouse button.)

As a second step, you may wish to rename the icon, which you do by clicking
with the right hand mouse button on it, then select the rename option.

Bookmark as alternative

While it is possible to make an icon as outlined above,
the preferable technique to remember web sites
is using the bookmarks of the browser.




Edge Browser and Chrome Browser:


Safari-Browser on the Mac : as on the iPad.